Domain Names

We provide the creative part in domain names and can help you select the right name for your business, blog, marketing campaign, and even your party.

We manage the domain service for you, registering your domain choice and hosting services such as your email and website.

A Domain Name is your internet address. When you type the name into a Web Browser like Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer it will resolve to the server your site is hosted on and display it.

Every name has to be unique but they could all resolve to the same site. It's a little like a family living in the same home. You could, for example, acquire a new domain for a specific marketing campaign and have visitors land on a specific page of your main site.

You are not limited to a single domain. You can evolve domain names with your brand over a period of time. This means there is less pressure on you to find the equivalent of an El Dorado in Domain Names. It's more important to develop the content of your website as there isn't a magical domain name which will automatically give you a page one PageRank in Google's search results.

Before deciding on a business name it can help to use a tool like WordTracker to examine the key words to emphasise your business. If the domain name for your business name is already taken try adding a key word to the end of it.

If you are acquiring a domain name yourself shop around. Prices vary depending on the extension (i.e. .com,, .org, .net), the length of time (one year, two year) and other features offered. Remember your hosting does not have to be provided by the same company who registered your domain.

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What you should demand

  • email
  • DNS control

What you should avoid

  • Domain front running
  • Paying for back ordering
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