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focus Databases & Browser based Applications
If you need a database engine to support your website, intranet or extranet then we can scope the design and develop the application. We almost exclusively write in SQL to ensure overall integrity and fit with your existing or planned systems. Screens are built in consultation with you, and in general have a windows look and feel your users will be well familiar with.

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We have an overriding maxim for development: Keep it simple. If your processes are business critical or overly complex we wouldn't recommend "a guinea pig system", i.e. a bespoke system which is unproven. Your solution is best sourced off the shelf where costs can be capped.

The applications we have developed include bar coded warehouse sortation, HR database, expenses reclaim, inter-company reconciliations, search directories, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, jobs database, CV database, members only sites and so on. We are the chosen partner of the business angel, Recruitment Start-up, to whom we deliver both front and back office human capital database solutions.

focus Using The Best Technologies

SQL Server Developer Edition
SAP Developer Network

focus Development in Simple Steps
To begin you need to outline to us your requirement ideas which we will translate together and articulate into the project scope and specification. We like to do this face to face, but we can also complete remotely via phone, msn, skype etc. From this we can estimate the number of hours it will take to program the job and quote accordingly. When we agree the price and milestones we commence work on the project, ordinarily using offline servers for the initial development before uploading onto test servers.

Development can only succeed with your input and we will need you to test the application, provide regular feedback and sign off on the final product. As a general rule you should allow for approximately eight weeks for any application development, obviously depending on project complexity. We have developed and deployed in shorter timescales where time was critical to a clients need.