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focus Server hosting
Whether you need a dedicated or virtual server running either Unix or Windows we provide hosting solutions with complete flexibility and scalability in mind. We believe businesses, particularly start-ups, should not be disadvantaged or burdened by having to prepay for services and tie up cash needed for development. This is why our minimum contract period is only four weeks in duration, you do not need to prepay for anything more than this.

focus Rates
As all the sites we currently host have been designed by us we don't have a standard rate card available. As a general guide a small 30mb site with a form to email script (protected against email header injection and SPAM) would cost you from £30. We don't include any banner advertising in our hosting packages and you can opt out of including our small unobtrusive text footer: [Hosted by - Be Eriginal! ].

We provide free hosting to a selected number of charities and not for profit organisations.

focus Stability
Our servers run on red hat linux (UNIX) operating system for maximum stability. Uptime is guaranteed at 99.9%. Windows servers are also available.