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    "To my embarrassment I was born in bed with a Lady" Winston Mizner  
San Pedro. Photo Credit: Mark O'Connor


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 clip Driftways Art Gallery A simple gallery for a local Hampshire Artist. It's supported by a backend SQL database, image manipulation, tags, and has been partly written using AJAX. For design the center point of the site had to be the artist's beautiful beach huts painting. Driftways Art Gallery
 clip New IT System .com Advice and consultancy on scoping and implementing a new ERP or Finance system. The practical guidance can be applied to any key IT acquisition.  New IT System
clip The Photograph Bank Royalty free stock photography and digital images. Database and archive of over 10,000 images. Categories include People, Lifestyle, Nature .... The Photograph Bank
clip Recruitment Start-up Business Angels providing capital and skills to start-up companies in the recruitment sector. Recruitment Start-up
clip thebug browser application This is an example of a browser based application. We developed this simple database engine during a SAP implementation to centralise and manage the testing environments. To log in use Admin as the user and password. thebug
clip Comex Hong Kong Simple web site for a Hong Kong based importer. The project included copy writing. The two page site is effectively a business card. Comex
clip Headhunters Recruitment Specialist recruiter for senior financial appointments in the UK. The site uses imagery from the Amazon jungle combined with cityscapes to give an ambient impression of headhunting. Headhunters Recruitment
clip Cpewe This is an example of the classical three column page design using div tags to control layout rather than tables. With a splash of color and some formating the end result can be quite inspiring whilst being very economical to build. This site is essentially a one page business card. We use this site as an example in our tutorials, please refer to the article Building a website in XHTML | Article 1.4 Cpewe
clip Online Care Homes Pilot site to develop an online database of care homes with a focus on maintaining visibility, including standards, of nursing homes.  Online Care Homes
clip MyCell Innovations Custom application development and specialists in farmed out ICT projects. MyCell Innovations