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    "Idea's won't keep. Something must be done about them" Alfred N Whitehead  
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focus At a Glance

focus Who are we?
We are a small company providing a comprehensive and personal range of web and onsite business services including web design, database development and hosting.

focus What services do we provide?

[   Web Design   ]   Web site design
[   Hosting   ]   Hosting for Web and intranets
[   Domain Registration   ]   Domain name registration
[   Database Development   ]   Web database and application development
[   New IT Systems   ]   ERP and Finance System consultancy
[   Experienced Finance Directors   ]   FD and CFO consultancy
[   Network and Hardware   ]   Network and Hardware

focus Why should you use us?
Our unique skills and background mean we can take an integrated approach to our work and can speak plainly to you without breaking into binary code. We understand the important thing for your business is to make profitable and legitimate sales.  To do so you need to rely on systems, internal controls and networks. Let us be distracted by them so you can stay focused on your business growth and strategy.

The top five reasons people choose us

[   bullet point   ]   Practical, value added approach
[   bullet point   ]   Validated code
[   bullet point   ]   Accessible, optimised web sites
[   bullet point   ]   Key words analysed
[   bullet point   ]   Proven Google ratings

focus How much does it cost?
Prices will vary with your requirements. Our consultancy services are at the high end of the market. However, we have an enduring affinity for start-ups and turnarounds so design and hosting are competitively priced with web site design starting at £75 for a basic site and hosting at £2 a month with no minimum contract.